Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Checkride success!

I passed my private pilot checkride yesterday. I can hardly believe it. It feels like it took so long for me to get to this point. The exam itself was actually fairly easy. I definitely had a more difficult stage three check than I did on the checkride. We blazed through the oral really fast. It pays to study everything gradually ahead of time for sure. It seems like the more you know about a subject (or the more you talk like you know about it), the less they'll ask you. It's more about having overall good decision-making skills, being able to positively control the aircraft, and just generally keeping track of what's going on around you. If you miss a question or two, it's not the end of the world. I didn't know everything, but they don't expect you to. As long as you get the important stuff like what to do when the engine catches fire and how to read a basic weather report, you'll be good. :)

I did get a hug out of this guy. He says he doesn't like hugs, but I made him give me one because we've both worked really hard to get me to this point. Silly Jesse.

Also, last Saturday I went to a flying event in Renton, hosted by Karlene. I got to fly a Cirrus and do some aerobatics in a Citabria. So much fun, and I didn't even get sick. I think it's important to learn what a spin looks like because even though you probably can't spin your trainer aircraft and the recovery procedure might be slightly different, you should know what kind of picture you see outside the window when you're going into a spin so you don't get too disoriented to save yourself.


Karlene Petitt said...

Congratulations miss pilot!!! You're awesome! And... you worked hard and deserve this great success. You're a licensed pilot. Yeah!!!

Toriafly said...

Congrats!!!! Such a great feeling, isn't it? :)

D.B. said...

Congratulations! Awesome.

I do want to address one point - all airplanes, including trainers, can spin. It is important, as you said, to know how to get out of them. Citabras, Pitts and other aerobatic airplanes will probably stay in a spin, most trainers don't want to spin, and won't stay in the spin, unless you force them. I just got my CFI spin endorsement in a Cessna 172, and my biggest surprise after flying a Citabra and gliders was how much I had to work to keep the spin going through 3 full turns. Just release the rudder pressure and it would stop spinning. But other aircraft need the full and proper spin recovery technique with opposite rudder and centralized ailerons. Some also need forward pressure on the stick/yoke.

Amway, enough of that. Enjoy being a private pilot!

Christine H. said...

My point is more that you're not allowed to spin a trainer than that it can't spin at all. I'm well aware that any plane can spin, but my little Warrior won't hold up so well if it does.

Tom said...

Hey Christine, congrats on passing the checkride and getting that little piece of paper!
Just wondering, if you have some time between school and flying with your new license, would you be able to write up a description of the checkride? I usually try to have my students go with Mike Rogan if possible, but if you could give some tips or tell how the guy at TIW does the rides, that would be good info to share.
Sun is out, now go get in that plane and go fly it! :-)


Christine H. said...

I would love to write about my checkride. I was originally going to go with Mike, actually, but he was busy so I flew with Summer. I'll post something soon.

Christine H. said...

Aaand posted. :D