Monday, January 30, 2012


I've been doing my standardization at Embry-Riddle for maybe two weeks now, if that. So far my instructor and I are getting along really well. I can't help but wish I could move on to instrument standardization, though. I miss instrument. It was good stuff. And I'd rather build up my necessary hours doing that than random VFR flights. I need to get 135 hours with them before I can start commercial. That's a lot. D:

Having done the vast majority of my training in a steam-gauge Warrior, I haven't yet befriended the G1000 172. My landings still need a lot of help, and I seem to fly better on the standby instruments than with the whole panel. I'm glad I learned round dials first, though. I couldn't imagine learning this first and then trying to transition backwards. We're working on emergency procedures now, so hopefully I'll finish them up soon. I keep forgetting where everything is.

In other news, I scheduled my flight to Seattle for our flying event in March! I want to actually rent a plane and fly people this time. Last time I was three days shy of a license, but this time should be fine as long as the weather doesn't suck. Come on, Washington. Be nice for once.