Monday, November 21, 2011

Stage 3/End of Course.

I was under the impression that we couldn't take the stage 3 and end of course flights simultaneously anymore because too many people were doing that and then failing their checkrides. Ross texted me today telling me that my stage 3/eoc flight is on Wednesday. I freaked out for a moment or twelve, but I'm actually really glad they've been combined. It means I might be able to take my checkride before I go home for my birthday. This is an exciting thought.

We had a great last flight together today. It was really windy and made NDB holding terrible as a result, but we made it back alive and I got two high fives out of it. Adding up my logbook was difficult as usual, but Ross made it entertaining by being nearby and doing ground stuff with someone. I am going to miss him so much.

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Karlene Petitt said...

You are going to do GREAT! And... combining them is perfect. Your overall performance will shine and you will dazzle the sky Gods. Fly safe my friend!