Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Number Five.

Brian, Bryce, Jon, Jesse, and now Ross. Five primary instructors who have gotten new jobs in three months or less of flying with me.

Ross is going to Florida. His last day is the 26th, so even though we're all done with the flying and the syllabus and basically all the ground, he won't be here for my checkride. I know I don't technically NEED him there, but it feels almost as bad as if your instructor isn't there for your first solo or your first solo cross-country. How am I supposed to hug him after the flight if he isn't there to hug? It's just nice to know someone's back there waiting for you and being confident that you're going to be awesome. Blah.

I am going to pass this checkride on my first try because I am awesome and I have learned from two amazing flight instructors who would not have signed me off before now if they did not think I could do it. I just need to study some more so that when we do ground I don't feel like I'm being verbally punched in the brain.

Still, though.


We went and brushed up on the maneuvers today. He had me do slightly turning stalls, which freaked me out a little, never having done them before. I still have issues with steep turns, but I know I can do them, I just have to watch very carefully. Slow flight is lovely, power-off stalls are great, power-ons are much less great but still okay, and unusual attitudes are fine. Weirdly enough, the hardest part of the whole flight was coming back to Auburn and not hitting any of the 200 people that seemed to be out and about. It was fun, and I don't know if it just felt like we were hanging out because it's a lot more laid back than doing approaches or if it's because I was suddenly feeling all "HE'S GOING TO LEAVE, NOW WE HAVE TO HAVE FUN ALL THE TIEMZ ;A;". I told him I'll miss him. He told me I'm moving on to bigger and better things and it was all happy and gooey and friendshipy and I love flight instructors so much.

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