Monday, June 13, 2011

Instrument fun times.

I've been doing instrument stuff for a little under three weeks now. Jesse and I have been flying pretty much every day and getting a lot done, but I do wish I could get the hang of using VORs better. For some reason, NDBs weren't too bad, but intercepting radials and doing time/speed/distance calculations are my weaknesses. Disregarding the fact that doing math in my head while in airplanes is ridiculous enough, it's been plenty windy lately, which makes things even more exciting. I made a bunch of checklist-type things that show step-by-step how to do it, but yesterday Jesse was asking me stuff like "How do you find out how long it takes to get to the station?" and I couldn't remember anything past figuring out what radial we're on, so we're going to practice them some more today. I like when I can get something right away. I know it's probably better in the long run to have to work on it a lot more before it clicks, but still.

He's still getting settled in at his new job (teaching maintenance for Boeing), but after a bit he said I can follow him to work and be all WOW LOOK AT THAT.

I brought Amanda and Lindsey along for the flight yesterday. We found out Lindsey went on an intro flight with Jesse last year, which cracks me up. 'It's a small world after all...'

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