Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dr. Seuss + Airplanes

"You've got a mind that is one of a kind so why hide it away?
It's time to open the locks and think out of the box and today is your day!
Bounce on the brink of whatever you think and oh, what could be better than that?"

Seussical the Musical. A compilation of Dr. Seuss books, ridiculous music, and surprisingly inspirational lyrics.

This almost has something to do with airplanes, probably. OH. RIGHT.

I won the 99s' flight training scholarship! This is so wonderful, I can barely even come up with sentences. It's so great to know I won't have to worry about having the money to finish getting my private pilot certificate. Even though it's only one checkride, it's the one you need to get before anything else. I've been trying to study like mad to weed out all my weird questions that pop up, but it seems like I keep thinking of more. Oh well. Hopefully I'll do alright.

"Why decry a cloudy sky
An empty purse
A crazy universe?
My philosophy is simply
Things could be worse!"


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