Tuesday, March 15, 2011


After seeing thunderstorms predicted in the forecast today, I decided to do a local flight instead of attempting to dodge them while on adventures. This went okay. I need to work on soft field takeoffs and landings like there's no tomorrow, so that's what I tried to do.

Everything was going okay until my fifth takeoff. The radio said the wind was 5 knots, which is okay, but as soon as I got up to about 500 feet, the plane decided HELLO I THINK I'LL TURN RIGHT NOW. I kept listening to the winds as I got to each leg of the traffic pattern. By the time I was on final, it was 9 gusting 14. I'm pretty sure the clouds were dropping too, or at least the visibility was, because it started raining like crazy. I think I made six or seven mini landings, because I was trying to do a soft field landing, but instead it went bounce-bounce-bounce-hover-bounce-crunch.

At least I didn't break anything.

Although when I was parking I turned everything off and then a 16-knot gust blew the plane backwards about three feet.

I'm now nicknaming this plane Jinx. Because it's cursed.

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