Sunday, March 13, 2011

Greetings, world.

This is the obligatory getting-to-know-me post. It'll be a long one, but if you're patient or impatient enough, there are pictures. Hooray!

So, looking back, I probably should've started this back when I actually started flight training, because then it would be way more exciting when I say I've soloed and I'm trying to go on cross-countries by myself, but I didn't think about it until now, so there.

Anyway. Hi, I'm Christine. My friends call me Sherlock. I'm going to Northwest Aviation College. I'm also a sophomore at the University of Puget Sound. But hopefully soon University of Washington instead.

I've been flying since the beginning of October. Since then, my first flight instructor (super fantastic awesome person named Brian) has been hired by Horizon, and my second instructor (super fantastic awesome person named Jon) decided to go fly helicopters for the military. I've also gone flying with another super fantastic awesome instructor named Bryce. We landed at Seatac on my third flight, which was hugely exciting and made up for the fact that we had done stalls for the first time earlier. My latest instructor is a superfantasticawesomeperson named Jesse. He's been to Antarctica. Have you been to Antarctica? I didn't think so.

This is Brian.

As you can see, he's having fun.

And this is my plane. (Sort of.)

He's one of six. I mostly like them all, but this one I soloed in, so it's kind of special.

Here's my shirt.

Yes, those are Angry Birds. Brian showed me the game, so then I had to try to defeat him at it. This rivalry remains unresolved, as Brian got a new phone and lost all of his high scores. Not my fault.

So back to the airplanes.

I've been signed off to do solo cross-countries for a week now, but the weather has been acting all Washington-in-March-y. Jesse said he wants me to be ready for my checkride in a week because I have a March 26th deadline when my school's winter quarter ends and I've heard everything from "nothing will happen, don't worry about it" to "training will completely stop so you'd better be flying five times a day." What can I do? I have so many restrictions that if it's remotely questionable outside, it's stay in the pattern or don't do anything. Lately it's been trending toward not doing anything. Blah. I've already finished private ground school (and passed my written) and I'm just about done with instrument ground. I'm going to do commercial ground next.

Puppy break!

Helicopters are cool too. I have lots of friends who fly them. Even though you KIDNAPPED MY FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR, I guess I can forgive you. You're pretty cool.

That's all I can think of for now. Updates on either flight school or college in the future. I'll try to keep the I-wish-I-was-only-a-pilot-and-not-in-college rants to a minimum.


Karlene Petitt said...

What a great blog! I loved reading it! Love the puppy break...too cute. So, keep notes on all you do because one day you will be a writer. You have the gift!

Christine H. said...

Thanks. I've always liked writing. Before airplanes came along, I was set on being a book editor. Planes are more exciting than sitting in an office though. As I'm sure you know. ^_^

Karlene Petitt said...

Yeah they are. So... Book editor? I'm thinking you might have another job when you're ready. :) Maybe earn some extra cash for flying?

Christine H. said...

I'm such a grammar nazi. I can't help myself. I've decided not to be an English major more because I don't like all the literary analysis than anything else. I like fixing sentences and making things read more nicely.

Karlene Petitt said...

Excellent. I love a grammar Natzi! You are so talented. Now you just need to get that cross country done. And I need to get to sleep. :)
Thank you for helping today!!!

Christine H. said...

I'd love to look over your book if you'd like another set of eyes. Sleep sounds good. See you again soon!

Karlene Petitt said...

That would be great! This week I'm doing another partial re-write. Changing a few things. But... I would love that. Thanks! We'll talk when I'm ready!